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Top Tips for a Hummingbird Friendly Garden

Do you want Hummingbirds to come to your garden?

If so, join millions of other Americans with the same wish!

And who could blame us. For a lot of people, especially those newer to birds, hummingbirds are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wild birds.

Whether you live in the northeast, the southeast, the western mountains or the pacific coast, you can take actions to attract Hummingbirds to your garden.

This is what Hummingbirds come to look for:

  • Nectar
  • Insects
  • Water

Very keen Hummingbird enthusiasts will create an entire Hummingbird garden, where all or a large part of the garden is designed and planned specifically to attract hummingbirds as a priority. These gardens will naturally attract other birds as well, but the Hummers are the primary goal.

You don’t have the dedicate your whole garden to Hummingbirds though, if you want to have a broad array of different species coming by. The strategy you choose will totally come down to how much space you have, where you live and other local factors.

The spectacular number of tubular flowering style plants we have in the US are what attract Hummingbirds. The birds have evolved to feed from the nectar of these flowers, much more so than any other bird. There are other types of Hummingbird-friendly plants that we’ll also talk about here, but those that require a long thin bill to access the nectar are going to make up a good part of your garden planning, no matter where you live and which Hummingbird species exist in your area.