COVID-19 Bird Watching – Birding During Coronavirus

So many of us have relished the joy of nature during this ongoing coronavirus situation.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where birds come to you, or you can visit bird watching sites close by, you might be feeling a newfound or increased appreciation for birds and nature in general. For many of us, it’s what is getting us through the stress and upheaval of normal life during this time.

Florida Scrub Jay. Photo by Judy Gallagher

It’s making more of us think: how could we ever live without birds? And hopefully: what more can we do to protect them?

Is birding helping you get through the COVID days?

Whether it’s a simple bird feeder in the yard, or a walk in a local nature reserve; there’s no doubt that connecting or re-connecting with nature and wildlife during this time is contributing positively to the mental health of many of us. For some people, it may be one of the only few joys remaining during the course of the pandemic.

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal. Photo by Nigel
California Gull. Photo by n88n88

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